Friday, December 23, 2011

Aim Of Life

A dog to vomit does turn,
As fool to folly but returns,
The wise err and learn,
Gaining from each burn. [29]
- Extracts from 'Aim Of Life' © Munindra Misra

Monday, December 19, 2011


As the Hunter reached its side,
And looked down with full pride,
He exclaimed with joy begot,
How well his target he had got. [1]

The shot deer in throes of death,
Moaned in his last few breaths,
`Understand nature and eternity,
Brother - Just once the target you be.’ [2]
© Munindra Misra All Rights Reserved source Poemhunter

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


- If you desire to choose something,
Choose but good deeds sincerely; [1]

- If you desire to control something,
Control your wagging tongue truly; [2]

- If you desire to count something,
Count your life’s wrongdoings fully; [3]

- If you desire to do something,
Spread Lord’s sayings earnestly; [4]

- If you desire to drink something,
Drink the Love Of Devine entirely; [5]

- If you desire to fight something,
Fight your anger ever diligently; [6]

- If you desire to give something,
Give to the downtrodden surely; [7]

- If you desire to grow something,
Grow your knowledge unendingly; [8]

- If you desire to imbibe something,
Imbibe your parent’s teaching wholly; [9]

- If you desire to keep something,
Keep the Lord’s knowledge faithfully; [10]

- If you desire to kill something,
Kill knowledge righteous's enemy; [11]

- If you desire to know something,
Know the path of the Almighty; [12]

- If you desire to leave something,
Leave your ego – the hurdle clearly; [13]

- If you desire to meet something,
Meet people with knowledge openly; [14]

- If you desire to remove something,
Remove all your bad company; [15]

- If you desire to run from something,
Run from the devotion’s enemy; [16]

- If you desire to search something,
Search for good people genuinely; [17]

- If you desire to see something,
See your wrong doings open-mindedly; [18]

- If you desire to speak something,
Speak in a manner most softly; [19]

- If you desire to stop something,
Stop unrestrained desires earnestly; [20]

- If you desire to take something,
Take the pains of others totally; [21]

- If you desire to weigh something,
Weigh your shortcoming simply; [22]

- If you desire to be happy,
Give happiness to others selflessly; [23]

- If you aspire to the very Divinity,
Relinquish all desires absolutely. [24]

- © Munindra Misra 2011 All Rights Reserved source Poemhunter

Monday, December 12, 2011

On The Demise Of Lady Diana (Princess Of Wales)

The sky and horizon did fade,
Into hues of crimson shades,
As the Lady - destiny made,
Swarmed towards her fate. [1]

The crimson turned to ember,
That night of human blunder,
And darkness did so plunder,
That new day seemed to slumber. [2]

The Lady of compassion and faith,
Sweet, adorable, humanely bathed,
The Lady whom none could hate,
Is crushed for her privacy’s sake. [3]

These wee hours seem so infinite,
As darkness embraces all light,
That the whole earth encircled be,
In this gloomy, untimely tragedy. [4]

Darkness enfolds this calamity,
Shocking, with grief unceasingly,
In this dark hour her loss be,
Not for people, country but humanity. [5]

She rode the crescent of sagacity,
With warmth, concern and empathy,
Understanding with honour and pity,
Affectionate with love and mercy. [6]

Removing the thorns of humanity,
Its happiness was her sincerity,
The Lord bathed her in humility,
With kindness, love and sympathy. [7]

This Lady - more than royalty,
Was the hope of the needy,
This Lady -trust of the trustees,
Was the friend of humanity. [8]

The spark, the luster and shine,
The throbbing blood of life divine,
This Kohinoor of the whole mankind,
Is crushed in the eternity of time. [9]
[31 August 1997]
- © Munindra Misra All Rights Reserved source Poemhunter

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Fear creates aggressiveness unheedingly,
Fear the most destructive element be,
Fear not natural state of civilized man be,
Yet Fear an emotion crucial for survival be. [1]

Fear on the foundation of worry be,
Fear reinforced by choosing safety,
Fear in the whelm of inadequacy be,
Fear produces one’s own ferocity. [2]

Fear’s birth in corridors of darkness be,
Silence terrifies people the most clearly,
Fear in the unknown and of future be,
Growing in the shadows of lies fully. [3]

Dispelling fear but knowledge be,
Replacing our doubts completely,
Nothing need be feared undoubtedly,
But must be comprehended absolutely. [4]

Greed by compassion overcome be,
It but asks for sharing unflinchingly,
Fear by kindness triumphant over be,
It calls for gratefulness and love only. [5]

Opposite of ignorance knowledge be,
As unconsciousness to awareness be,
The other side of fear freedom be,
Similarly akin to night as the day be. [6]

Fear dispelled by belief understandingly,
Turn the lights on in darkness knowingly,
Eradicate your fear by living deeply,
With the removal of fear you live only. [7]

Keep your fears to yourself completely,
But share inspiration with others openly,
Weep not for past which unchangeable be,
Fear not the future – live in present only. [8]

Judge your age by the pain you feel,
When in contact with a new idea you be,
Without darkness no birth does be,
As without light nothing flowers surely. [9]
- © Munindra Misra 2011 All Rights Reserved source Poemhunter